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Aoi asahina at your service for no good reason but to make gifs.

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Girl code is just about the best show of all time. 


My Room

Ryohei: It’s extremely my room!!

Kyoko: Big brother uses his room for training, too, so the carpenter made the walls and supports strong for him.

Gokudera: Ah, that’s impossible.

Tsuna: I… it certainly is an extreme room! …it doesn’t seem like he can really be Kyoko-chan’s sibling…

Yamamoto: It looks like a fun room! I’m jealous.

Haru: Sportsmen have sympathy for each other ♪ Big brother’s sleeping while in a victory pose.

Kyoko: He’s probably sleep-talking ♪ When big brother’s in that pose, it’s…

Everyone: Extreme!

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So… I was just looking for something in my KHR folder, when I saw this screenshot and I can’t stop laughing…


You can see the “I’m so done with your stupid bulshit” look in his face xDD

The many faces of Tom

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I may move on from series but I never forget favorite characters


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